White Elephant Exchange Rules

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This year at our holiday gathering (7:00 p.m., Dec. 13th at Shanahan's) we will hold a White Elephant gift exchange for those interested.  Participation is purely voluntary. The idea is to bring something you already own. It should be something that you no longer use, but someone else might want, worth about $10, wrapped. 

Play:  We will draw numbers for choice of gift.  For example, if there are 10 gifts, then we put in numbers 1-10 in a basket to be pulled by the each participant.

Whoever pulls #1 selects the wrapped white elephant gift AND opens it. That person is stuck with their gift unless another participant chooses to steal their gift. #2 may pick from the unopened pile of gifts or steal from #1. It gets more interesting as we go on. You can't steal from the same person. If the gift is stolen from you, then you can select another unopened gift or steal an opened gift. You can't steal back something that was just taken from you. Play continues until all players have a gift. Based on these rules, the best number to draw is the highest number. It leaves you more choices of opened gifts to choose from. 

Copies of these rules will be distributed at the holiday event.  If folks would prefer to donate their gift at the end of the evening, we suggest Brown Elephant Resale Shop in Oak Park.