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As a member of End of the Line Humanists, in addition to our free public programs, you'll have voting privileges, frequent updates, invitations to special events,  and the good feeling that comes from supporting your local Humanist community -- all for only $25 per year.

Think about it.  When people join a church, they're expected to tithe a full 10% of their yearly incomes.  Take a moment to do that math.  Stunning, isn't it?  And what  becomes of all that money?  Some, it's true, goes to feed the hungry,  help the poor and do other good deeds in the world.  However, in many cases much of that is also used to evangelize, to maintain large properties and clergies, to support religious and anti-scientific agendas in public schools, to influence governments to grant special rights and favors to religious institutions, and to stigmatize or even infringe the rights of various others who do not agree with that church's beliefs.   

If we are to make a difference, we need resources. Dues and donations to ELH will help us recruit new members, educate the public about Humanist values and issues, support Humanist ideals, advocate for nontheists' rights and human rights and enable us to contribute volunteer resources to the community at large.

Please think about joining us.  There are three ways to contribute: a $25 one-year membership, an automatically renewed $25 yearly subscription, and donations to ELH in the amount of your choice.